Goodbye , Old blog!

I would like to begin this blog with exactly why I’m starting it inspite of already having another one i.e. . I would like for people to believe that I got bored with it  or that I didnt like the name or that I just wanted another blog for the fun of it. Sadly the real  reason is much more mundane (and also much more embarassing) : I forgot my password. So if any of you have any ideas about what my password might have been ….please let me know.

Last time , I tried and failed  ; but this time I’ll try harder (and hopefully not fail) in keeping this blog a normal blog about all sorts of stuff and  not letting it become a Chelsea Hate Blog.

Also this time I will try  to post stuff keeping atleast some idea of quality in mind .So all those of you who were expecting the same incoherrant rambling , ranting …basically the same  incoherrant <insert mocking word for talking> that I so proudly indulged in in my last blog….look elsewhere.

And now finally to explain why I came out with my aims for this blog : I’m bored and I couldn’t think of what else to write.

D’oh !! I’m back at square one!

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