Where whould I be without that bit of information ?

Here are some excerpts from the <ahem!!> newspaper , Pune times that my life would have been incomplete without. My day today wouldn’t have been half as good if it hadn’t been for these lovely pieces of useful information that we are accustomed to finding in the trash the Pune Times .

1. Emraan Hashmi has forgotten what Colin Farell looks like.

2. An unknown New-Zealander thinks Celina Jaitley is hot.

3. According to the sources of the sources of the sources of the papers’ so-called journalists there is a vague possibility that the movie London Dreams might be shelved.

And now from the relationships page:

4. You dont have to be a Chocolate Boy to impress the ladies. <whoohhooo!!!!>

5.VJ Juhi’s first date was in a restaurant.

And of course to top it all off …we have this gem from Page 3:

Famous Model Indrani Dasgupta <who??> may be getting married to Yzudhamanyue (if she can memorise his name…and thats a big IF)

In other news Kapil Dev was looking safe and secure at a function in Mumbai yesterday .

So there are all the snippets of useful information that basically made my life worth living today. Where would I be without them??

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