Awaaz Konnacha ??

If you ever go to a college fest , where COEP is taking part you are most likely to hear the above question. Awaaz Konnacha? (Whose voice? to translate very literally)Now of course you dont have the slightest idea as to what the answer to this absurd question may be . And of course you are looking around for the guy who shouted out in the first place. At this moment you will be interrupted by a large number of voices shouting C…O…E..P.

At this moment you are either rolling on the ground with laughter because you understand and comprehend what you have just heard or are straining your ears disbelievingly for you cannot believe any college student was capable of such churlish behavior.

Just when you think you can stop laughing it happens all over again. This time with more emotion and feeling …the shouting reaches a feverish pitch…the COEP’s are slurred and come out as Shi …Ho.. Hee.. Pee…It gets faster and louder….Finally you cannot control yourself . You have to go and check out what is it all about. What amazing achievement calls for such uninhibited overflow of pure joy.

You reach the ‘happening’ place and then you notice that the achievement was the act of taking part . Not winning !!

So by now you probably realise that stolidity and decorousness are not something to look for in a COEPian. (Not all COEP ians anyway)

Allow me to explain in very simple terms why we students of this renowned institution end up making asses of themselves everytime they are in the company of others.

The most simple explanation is that the average COEP ian is bascially “All Maaz , no substance”.

So the next time you hear people shouting ‘Awaaz Konnacha?’ , don’t bother wasting your time or precious energy to check out what is happening because thanks to this post you already know.

In case your wondering “what if COEP actually wins something ?”, you will come to know of it for sure , for then it wouldn’t stop at just ‘awaaz konnacha?’ ……actually we have no idea what could happen but be sure it will include tons of MAAZ.

Disclaimer:The above post is a very general overview of things and not in anyway indicative of the behavior of all COEP students . Not all COEPians behave like this . Most of the people who do end up doing nothing anyways . COEP does win stuff and NOT make a fool of themselves every now and then.

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2 Responses to Awaaz Konnacha ??

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  2. syz says:

    all maaz no substance.. shut the fk up …

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