H2G2 movie review

I saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie today and understandably I had very high expectations considering how brilliant the book was .

However all my expectations were thrown out the window and I found the movie ,in general ,very dissapointing. They’ve gone and changed the very story . Whereas some of the stuff they’ve changed was necessary , some of it is apocryphal or at least wildly inaccurate. One part That I really didn’t like was the unnecessary romantic angle between Arthur Dent and Trillian . Also the characters are very ordinary (for a funny sci-fi movie) and not very well depicted . The aliens aren’t funny enough and some of the best jokes have been deleted .

The cast also wasn’t chosen very well in my opinion. Zooey Dechanel fits the bill as Trillian , but Sam Rockwell as Zaphod and Martin Freeman Arthur Dent don’t really make the desired impact.

I thought the depiction of the Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy was brilliant . The animations giving exactly the effect that should have been given . Had this effect emanated from every facet of the movie it could have been a blockbuster . Another positive I found in the movie was Alan Rickman’s voice over for Marvin . I thought it was awesome and fit in perfectly with the whole depressed personality prototype act.

Also the song “So long and Thanks for all the fish” was quite good.

All in all , my advice would be to watch the movie but keep your expectations low and/or don’t think at all about the book while watching the movie.

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