Jose departs

Its been about two weeks since Jose Mourinho was sacked as Chelsea Manager. Chelsea’s results are still more or less the same . The team is more or less the same . So that leads me to ask of Roman Abramovich …Why?

It’s not like Jose wasnt doing a good job….I mean he was winning stuff . Winning the Premier League twice is no easy feat. Yes …it does help when you have money-bags to cover your back , but still its not that easy.

Also he was unbeaten at home for the entire duration of his term at Chelsea…Is that easy? Sure as hell isn’t!!

The reasons I can think of that Abramovich would want to fire a person like Jose Mourinho are:

1. He didn’t win the Champions league. (Oh!! The shame !! That should have been a cakewalk considering crap teams like AC Milan and Barca around)

2. He stole Roman’s thunder…lets face it …no one gave a rats ass about Good ol’ Money bags as long as ‘the special one’ was out there babbling his ‘Thats Football” speech. So Roman really needed a publicity stunt and there was no better way to get his name plastered on all front pagesΒ  than to fire his ‘always in the news’ manager.

3.He critisised the Chelsea fans for being too uptight (which they are) and not cheering enough(which they dont) and not caring about the football (which they dont).

4. He just wasn’t good enough.

5. He didn’t smile often.

So basically , even I don’t like Jose Mourinho (big surprise …isn’t it?)…I have to say that Roman Abramovich made a big mistake by firing his manager. Only an idiot would fire the manager of a well established club which are competing for the championship and about 3 other trophies this season and replace him with the director of football who doesn’t even have the required qualifications to take over as coach.

In short , for the time being ..Chelsea is screwed .

But why am I , all of a sudden , taking such an interest in the affairs of Chelscum and defending off all people , Jose Moaninho ?

Here is the reason:

I believe Roman Abramovich has finally realised that Jose Mourinho was overrated and really not that good. Wasn’t bad …but wasn’t good either. He was good enough to beat all the other teams in the premiership but was slowly but surely sending Chelsea down.

And now I am struck by the abject terror that he will hire a good manager .

And given the depth of Roman’s pockets …theres no saying what a good manager would do. So that really worries me.

But lets hope stupidity prevails for some more time(read Roman has faith in Avram Grant ) and Man Utd have enough time to cement their place at the apex of English football.

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One Response to Jose departs

  1. Sameer says:

    yeah even i hope they keep grant for few more months πŸ˜› but they have signed ajax’s ten cate….now this guy like attacking football and grant is completely opposite to this….so i think they are goin 2 b screwed more πŸ˜€
    currently i am more concerned about arsenal…… 😦 even togo is outta african cup so adebayor wont be goin newhere during african cup…..lets see what happens… πŸ™‚

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