Cogito Ergo Doleo

For the benefit of all you losers out there who don’t understand simple classical languages like latin , that means ” I think , Therefore I’m depressed” . Yes , it does sound like a very Marvinesqe (or is it Marvinistic) take on Rene Descartes , but that’s exactly how I feel.

Today I was thinking not about football or about music (for once) , but about college. I’ve got just about 1 1/2 yrs left of college life and the college management has seemingly made it their mission to make our sojourn as uncomfortable as possible. There was a time when CoEP was more or less run by the students , but now its more of an Oligarchy , with the Despotic Director at the head of it all . Our earlier Director was an idiot , and the only thing worse than an idiot running the college is a proactive idiot running the college. And that is exactly what is happening right now.

There was a time when CoEP was classified along with Wadia and Fergie as one of the last three ‘colleges’ in Pune. Sadly though , now our managements actions have led to us from being excluded from this exclusive club. We are no more a college , but a school like all the other ‘Engineering Schools’ in the city. We have to attend all lectures , we are given class tests , we have to do write ups , we have to hand draw sheets in these days of CAD/CAM , We can’t take part in extra-curricular events as regularly anymore…..basically our college days are over …its back to school for us.

A few months ago , we went to the management with a simple proposition : Our grading process is absolute (which is very bad for us) and we need to make it relative.

After months of deliberation , meetings , applications , discussions and other bureaucratic activities which would have put the Vogons to shame , our kind director with a demagogic air about him tells us that it has been done . Now we know how a relative grading system works and we know which is the best system , but for some reason our college management has as much maaz as the students and decides that our great college cannot use another college’s system and we must make our own . So we come up with a hybrid system : 50% passing absolute and only beyond that we can have relative grading.

So now here’s our problem . We are doing engineering , 50 % isn’t the most easiest thing in the universe you see. And secondly the system is fundamentally flawed…in fact it uses its secondary flaws to hide its Fundamental flaws . Allow me to explain : Say we have 150 students in a department . Say the exams are extremely difficult and about 100 people get below 50 ,  i.e. in this system , fail . Now consider a guy who is 10th in class. So he has got higher marks than 140 people i.e. has a percentile of 93.333% . But in the current system the 100 failures are not considered and the report card shows that he has beaten only 40 people ie percentile of 80%. Get the point ? By having an absolute passing out gpa’s will drop and the problem of our gpa not being good enough is not solved.

But of course these complex statistical calculations that could be performed by anyone with reasonable brains or a calculator are way beyond the understanding of the management. When we told them  “The system is screwed” , they gave us a look as if we were speaking in some long lost Polynesian argot and dismissed this idea with the usual perfunctory apathy.

So now , basically I’m drowning in submissions , getting screwed by assignments , getting screwed by tests, don’t have a life , have no time for anything else. College life is at its nadir .

In short , I’ve been thinking about Life and I’ve realised that Life Sucks !

Cogito Ergo Doleo!

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2 Responses to Cogito Ergo Doleo

  1. aniket says:

    harsh words dude. come on, its not all that bad!

  2. Avnish says:

    BRAVO!!!! Good to see someone speaking out!! And also do add the bit about profs as u explained to me in hiding the “fundamental flaws”…

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