Champions league Match day 3

Match day three saw some great matches ,sensational goals and embarrassing screw-ups . Here is a small review.

A Comedy of Errors:

The Man Utd and Arsenal matches were fun to watch due to the non-existent man marking and gross mismatch of talents on the field. In Man U’s match 5 of the 6 goals scored were due to defensive mistakes (the only exception being Ferdinand’s header ). Even in the Arsenal game , we were treated to awesome sights like the keeper outside the ‘D’ and the striker inside the ‘D’ with the ball . Arsenal did play some awesome football though and deserved to thrash Slavia .

Funniest Goal Ever:

The match Liverpool v/s Besiktas : The Besiktas stiker makes a run intot he box from the left flank and is tackled by Jamie Carragher , who does a great job and gets the ball off him cleanly. Then Carragher tries to clear while still on the ground and this clearence hits Finnan and goes back to the Besiktas striker (I forget his name ) who passes it to another Basiktas Player who takes a shot. This shot is deflected off Sami Hyphia and goes in .

It was a once in a lifetime experience watch a goal like that.

Doesn’t this guy age??

Clarence Seedorf is bloody 35 and plays like a 19 year old . His first sets up a goal with a pin point cross to Gilardino and then tops it off with two awesome goals – one left foot control and shot and one sublime chip with the right. Easily the Player of  match day 3.

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