Grindhouse Movie review

Last weekend we met up at Abhishek’s place to watch Grindhouse – the Quentin Tarantino – Robert Rodriguez double feature.

To say the least it was HUGE dissapointment .

Part One : Death Proof

This is the QT movie . It is at best ordinary. Not bad …believe me , I know what BAD movies are ….but nowhere near the level Tarantino has maintained over the last decade or so.

Part Two: Planet Terror

This is the Robert Rodriguez part . Heres the review : It sucks ! Its freakin disgusting ….I couldn’t go past 30 mins of the movie ….(if you want to know how bad it was ..please contact Aniket who actually saw the entire  movie)

Part One and a Half: The Trailers

Now this was worth watching !! The trailers are takes on the old cheesy horror flicks and have brilliant subjects like ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ (somebody please make that movie !!!)  and ‘Machete’- the pious Mexican assassin who is double crossed and then kills everyone else after doing some stuff with the villain’s wife and daughter of course .

To Conclude : The movies are a total waste of talent . The trailers are as brilliant as they get. Only positive is that Tarantino is very good as an actor in this one.

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One Response to Grindhouse Movie review

  1. aniket says:

    for all those who might actually contact me for comments on the remaining part of planet terror: its crap.

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