My favourite author

Here is a comprehensive collection of the literary works of my favourite author :  Baldrick.

First in the list we have the bestselling novel :

My Novel.

Once upon a time there was a lovely little sausage named Baldrick and he lived happily ever after.

Critical analysis:

The book has a happy start and an happy ending . Notice how Baldrick  bypasses all the unimportant bits like the story and the plot and gone straight to the happy ending. And everyone loves a happy ending. Pure genius!

Next we have this awesome poem :

Hear these words I sing

War is a terrible thing

So I sing , sing , sing

Ting A’ling a ling .

Critical analysis:

Notice how this poem keeps its ring intact . The rhyme scheme of a-a-a-a is a mind-bendingly  ingenious tactic to keep our focus on the profundity of the words and not worry about over-rated crap like poetic effect.

And now for the magnum opus :

This poem is called ‘The German Guns’ 

Boom ,Boom ,Boom, Boom.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

Boom, Boom ,Boom ,Boom.

Boom , Boom , Boom!

Critical Analysis:

This poem is by far the best he has ever written . The rhyme scheme here too is a-a-a-a. The subtle use of repitition  is particularly impressive . In the end the poem gives a very realistic and graphic overview of the War and all its horrors. Pure Genius at work! Makes you ask of all the so-called ‘real poetry’ enthusiasts :’Wordsworth , Who Wordsworth?’

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3 Responses to My favourite author

  1. yasho says:

    Nice work…if you could just link a you tube video for the GERMAN GUNS… 🙂

  2. Avnish says:

    A thing to mention over here that the word ‘sausage’ in the novel, was also not included by the lexicographer Dr. Johnson in his dictionary . Another feather in the cap there for Mr. Baldrick!

  3. samrat says:

    good one Aditya LOL. waiting for more such gems.

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