Only in Pune…

….would you find signboards that say ” Please do not comb your hair . It may fall into someone else’s food.”

….would you find people crossing the road only at a green light.

….would you find people who consider shouting “Awaaz Konacha” a display of cool-ness.

….would you find more colleges than students.(Yes , colleges not seats.)

….would you come across a footpath bookseller who sets up shop next to Landmark . (and probably makes more money)

….would you be lathi charged for celebrating Valentines day.

….would you get hacked to pieces for insulting Shivaji.

….would you find cyclists drive in the middle of the road expecting to keep up with cars and bikes.

….would you find rickhaws that will come practically to a halt to take a 1 cm high speedbreaker.

….would you find more people dying of pollution than road accidents.

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One Response to Only in Pune…

  1. Sameer says:

    …would you find every now and then people blogging about Pune 😛 😀

    jus kiddin dude 😉

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