Champions League Matchday 4

This weeks champions league saw some great , some not so great and some outright snorefests. A small review:

Liverpool finds goalscoring touch.

Liverpool played some great football and totally brutalised Besiktas. It has to be said that Besiktas deserved to win last time around , but this time they proved to be a side of minimal resilience. Liverpool had 28 goal attempts 19 of which were on target compared to a solitary effort by the Turkish side. In short , Liverpool thoroughly deserved to win. Though this win only gets them off bottom into 3rd place , it will do a world of good for the side who seems to have way too little to say of themselves.

Unexpected draws

Considering the mauling they gave Slavia a fortnight ago , no one expected Arsenal to draw this one. The match was pretty darn boring and Slavia didn’t allow Arsenal to play their game and seemed more interested in kicking the Arsenal players than the ball.

Real Madrid also in great form couldn’t break past Olympiakos’ keeper Nicopolidis’s defense. The match ended in a goal-less draw.

Great Goals:

In my opinion the 3 best goals of Matchday 4 are :

3: Jo ‘s first goal against Inter: Jo cuts past a defender and takes a well placed left footed shot from outside the penalty area to score against Internazionale.

2: Cristiano Ronaldos goal against Dynamo Kiev: Evra puts in a lovely weighted ball on the left flank. Cristiano makes a great run ,cuts inside with the trademark behind the leg turn and fires into the far corner .

1: Zlatan special: Zlatan Ibrahimovich sends a right foot scorcher flying into the CSKA net. An Amazing goal .

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