And the noble tradition continues..

Manchester United have , once again , against all odds lost to bottom placed Bolton at the Reebok , thus upholding traditions that have started since the introduction of the Premier League.

Vladimir Kramnik describes Vishwanathan Anand as  good ‘tournament player’ ie he holds his own against the good players and beats the weaker one, and describes himself as a ‘match player’ meaning he simply beats the guy in front of him. Going by those descriptions , a new term will have to coined for Man U  who seem to either hold their own or beat the big strong teams and lose to the weakest bloody teams around.

There are two possibilities as to why Man U lost this match.

1. Sometimes I think Sir Alex purposely does this to allow the weak team to come up and get some confidence. Like Bolton for example …they are bottom of the table , have a useless manager ,  and haven’t won a match this season. So there comes Man U to the rescue and gives this match to them .(for their first win of the season)
And it was practically ‘given’ to them. Rooney is injured  so it was only natural that Ronaldo would start. But he wasn’t even in the subs. Also Tevez missed a sitter from 3 yards out. So we can hardly say Bolton deserved to win.

2.Bolton were playing their normal violent game….they were hitting the players more than the ball. And the referee’s lack of action got Sir Alex sent off. And who was the referee ? Surprise Surprise…It was Mark Clattenburg.. who to say the least,  has a  bit of history in these matters.

So now..I’m going to act like the normal football fan and  follow the age old maxim….when in doubt , blame the referee!

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One Response to And the noble tradition continues..

  1. Sameer says:

    dude if u r united fan den don’t call dem ManU
    if u are on orkut den check it here

    and i cudn’t match 😦 courtesy xam and some marathi movie 😀

    neways i think ronaldo shld have on the bench atleast….

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