Friday night gig

Last Friday was my independence day . The last of my 5 (yes , thats right five) oral exams were over . I was a bit under the weather with all the possible crap happening at the same time – cold , cough, a bit of fever , stomach upset etc etc . Still thats no excuse to miss a rock concert , especially now that I’m free . So there I was coughing , sneezing and headbanging…..

This concert was organised by Shark Tooth as a part of their ‘longest music festival’ series of monthly concerts. It started at about 7:30 pm or in other words ‘on time’ which is quite miraculous for a rock concert .

Lionnel Mascarenhas was the opening act and he played mostly covers of soft rock songs. The band was quite tight and put up a good show. They also played an original which was quite good.

My main reason for attending this gig was the fact that Zero and Junkyard Groove were performing. Zero took stage next and put up the usual awesome show.Zero are as of now the only Indian rock band that the crowd sings originals with. I was a little doubtful about Zero initially now that Warren is no longer with them , but they seem to have kept their zing intact . They played one cover (My Generation by the Who ) and all their originals including ‘Old man sitting on a back porch’ , ‘Mariachi’ and ended of-course with PSP 12″ .

Chennai band Junkyard Groove ended the show. They were chilled out in a very professional way and their stage presence was great. They put up a great show playing only their originals .

The best part of this show was the ‘anti-metal’ feel to it. All the metalheads asking for the usual crap (ie Metallica and Slayer ) went back disappointed but rock fans like me loved it.

The next concert will be held next month and will feature metal band Brute Force going unplugged (that should be interesting) and Mumbai band Vayu .

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