Of Classical concerts and Rock gigs

I have been to loads and I mean loads of rock concerts . Right from The Rolling Stones to Iron Maiden , from Deep Purple to Agni , from Paul Di Anno to the annual I- Rock . So understandably it was a bit of a shock when I witnessed my first real classical concert , the Sawai Gandharwa music festival , this weekend.

So I couldn’t help but notice some of the differences in Rock and Classical concerts.

1. Its not cool to call a classical concert a ‘gig’.

2. People are more than happy to sit at a classical concert.

3. If an artist is taking a bit of time with his sound check , the crowd does not promptly dive into ” Start the f***ing music ! ” chants.

4. You breathe air at a classical concert , not a mixture of smoke and alcohol fumes.

5. A classical performer will never do a stage dive.

6. You do not end up smoking four passive rounds simply by being present at a classical concert.

7. People keep quiet and listen to the music . They don’t expect the music to be louder than them as is normally seen at a rock concert.

8. Time is nothing . Classical open air performances go on till 4 in the morning and no one complains.

9. Long hair and tattoos are very rare.

10. The drink of choice is tea , not beer.

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One Response to Of Classical concerts and Rock gigs

  1. Salil says:

    Read this article from gigpad:

    Its old, but relevant, nevertheless.

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