The Scorpions

So to continue on my string of music related posts ,  this is a  post about the Scorpions concert in Bombay last Friday.

The gig was great . Especially since I had a Rs 1000 ticket and not too many people showed up (only 15,000 or so) due to which I got an upgrade into the Rs 1500 sections which in other words means about 10 feet from stage. Some crappy band came and played some usual stuff like Knocking on Heavens Door . The Scorpions took stage at about 8pm . They played a lot of their harder stuff first and stuff from the  new album. They got the maximum cheers for their acoustic stuff . The classics like Holiday , Always Somewhere , Send me an Angel etc were well received by the crowd. They had great stage presence and very good crowd interaction. The bassist played a solo which included a wah-wah bass version of Voodoo Child and a more normal version of Enter Sandman. The drummer also played a solo which mostly comprised of fast double bass lines .

They did the expected ‘walk off stage without playing the biggest hits’ thing , got the expected encore and played Still Loving You , Winds of Change and ended the show with the killer Rock you like a Hurricane .

As expected they got another encore and  very unexpectedly they actually came back to play one more song which turned out to be When the Smoke is Going Down.

All in all a memorable show  .

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2 Responses to The Scorpions

  1. masoom says:

    bastard u went for the gig without telling me…i could have arranged for backstage passes…damn!!!

  2. Aditya says:

    Bastard….Now u tell me about the backstage passes!!

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