Just like last week , I followed up a rock concert with a classical concert on the next day. This week however the quality was a bit higher.

Ustad Zakir  Hussein played a fusion (Hindustani -Carnatic fusion not East-West Fusion) concert with is brother Taufiq Quereshi and violin duo Kumaresh and Ganesh.

I particularly liked Taufiq’s solo which included wierd vocals , great drumming  and some popular stuff like Ek Do Teen … and some pieces about love in the canteen etc.

The two violinists also were very good and we saw moments of great co-ordination between Zakir , Taufiq and  the Violinists.

Zakir’s solo was nothing short of brilliant with some amazing pieces exhibiting his speed , technique , innovation  and improvisation . The sustain he gets from the tabla is brilliant as is the awesome sound and clarity of notes.

The last piece they played was a ridiculously complicated one played in a cycle of 19 1/4 beats  with an accent on 7 2/3 and the 14 1/3  beats !! That was great too . ( not that we understood where the cycle was starting until the piece was just about the end)

Getting bored of writing about music now…so will end abruptly here.

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