Stars and actors

India is probably is only country where the stars and the actors aren’t the same people.

SRK get big money , big publicity and his films work just because he is in them .  Its not just SRK actually. In general its the people like Akshay Kumar , Salman Khan , Deepika Padukone , Preity Zinta etc etc who get paid big money and are in the news all the time. They are all stars but not actors.

Whereas really talented actors like Shiney Ahuja , Irfan Khan , Pankaj Kapoor , Rajat Kapoor ,Vinay Pathak , Nandita Das etc get almost no media coverage and get paid chicken feed as compared to the so called ‘Badshah’s’ of bollywood. These actors are not the stars.

The big stars abroad are people like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro who are brilliant actors. Its the actors who get  paid big money , not the popular media savvy idiots like Paris Hilton (not that she needs to get paid anyway)

It’s people like SRK  who are lauded as ‘great actors’ and ‘legends’ in the Industry. It’s very sad that real acting is not appreciated in India .

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