A pointless post

I just realised I’ve never really written anything about how I spend my time. So here goes my first  post on personal experiences.

Went to BCL the other day. Got a book of ” Greatest British  Sportsmen” and found that most of the people are ‘Pugilists’ (a glorified term for bare knuckle fighting) and also discovered that there used to be a sport called ‘Pedestrainism’ (which is basically a glorified term for walking) . Also got dvd’s of the 68 and 99 Champions league finals. Happened to go through the Tuesday edition of the Times , London and found that they have 20 page section entirely dedicated to football. <Note to self: Visit BCL every Wednesday>

Went to Bombay today. Nothing much happened there. Just noticed that the signboards in Bombay  give you the popular name (eg Kala Ghoda , Marine Drive) and the actual name of the place ( Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose marg…yes that’s what Marine Drive is actually called). Thought that was pretty cool. Also noticed that Bombay drivers actually stay within lanes . Amazing!

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2 Responses to A pointless post

  1. Abhishek says:

    Oh, I haven’t told you about the newspapers at BCL? Its my favourite pastime after going to Landmark and reading Sin City. Its not just amazing to read really comprehensive football stuff for a change, but to also see other parts of the paper – the stuff there is refreshingly new.

  2. Viju says:

    what about your family?

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