Office , Office

Went to the MSEB office today to lodge a complaint. Normally we find that the lower level clerks waste most of our time and then we have to wait forever to get to the guy who can actually help us . But today the lower level and not-so-low level clerks were nowhere to be found. After about 15 minutes of waiting we were informed that they weren’t coming in to work today. Damn! Okay … to the higher authority. The junior officer was ,you guessed it, nowhere to be found. After another frustrating 20 minutes , he showed up and told us he couldn’t do anything. This was a job for the deputy chief engineer at that office. So then we headed upstairs to the deputy chief’s office and it was , as we come to expect by now, empty.

So now we had no option but to go to the Chief Engineer . He was actually in and the most  easily accessible . After waiting in line with about 10 other people (who also kept complaining that their concerned clerks hadn’t showed) for about another half an hour , we finally got to meet the Chief engineer. He told us that this was not the MSEB’s problem at all and we were to fix it ourselves.

So basically 2 hours totally wasted in Government Office. Great way to start a day isn’t it?

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