Twice in eleven months. Who would have thought it possible?

But it happened. Iron Maiden came back and played a show in Bombay on the 1st of Feb at the MMRDA grounds in the Bandra Kurla Complex.

I missed the opening acts since I was sick and in bed. In  fact if I were sane I probably wouldn’t have come to Bombay in the first place. But its Maiden , and missing Maiden is blasphemy. So there I was , in my aunts house sleeping till 6 pm . Then went to the venue at about 7:30 and got in. The crowd were about as big as Bangalore but weren’t as lively.

A bit of Background here: Iron Maiden have this ‘Somewhere back in Time World tour’ in which they will play only their old stuff . Amazing news for fans like me who never get to hear the old stuff at concerts. Mumbai was the first date in the tour.

So at 7:45 , Maiden started with Aces High and went on to play various classics from the old era.  The crowd did not seem to be too into it. Most of them were just there to say that they had been to a Maiden concert . There was a mosh-pit , an indication that the people in the crowd don’t really care about the music. There was no chanting , singing along etc . Basically all the energy was channelised into the wrong places.  By the way , on the CNN IBN review of the concert the 3 guys who were interviewed knew about 10 maiden songs put together.Sheesh! I hope they come back to Bangalore next time.

But other than all that. The music was amazing . They played all the stuff you don’t get to hear at the concerts like ‘Heaven can Wait’ , ‘Moonchild’ , ‘Clairvoyant’ ,’ Can I Play with madness’ , ‘ 2 minutes to midnight’. For me the highlight was ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ , one of my favourite songs of all time  which is normally not played live since it is 13 minutes long.  They also played ‘Fear of the dark ‘ , I feel out of desperation to get the crowd pumped up.

They ended as expected with Hallowed be thy name. The set was great , the props were great and the show was great.

I was a bit disappointed  that they didn’t play ‘Phantom of the Opera’ , ‘Sanctuary’ , ‘Wrathchild ‘and most of all ‘ Running free’ (though Bruce  did accidentally say “Scream for me Long Beach” once )

The crowd again let me down for the encore. No real feeling or emotion in the chanting.

The music rocked but Bombay sucked. All big rock acts should just go to Bangalore .

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