Things I learnt on my Bombay trip

Had gone to Bombay again this weekend to see Iron Maiden perform. These are some of the things I learnt.

1. Trees give Oxygen ….This is what a billboard says in the Bandra Kurla Complex.

These next few are pieces of wisdom doled out by our cab driver on the way to dinner:

2. If you drink water immediately after eating , it turns into cholesterol.

3. Abroad the alcohol is not absorbed into the blood stream  since it is cold there. Since the temperatures are higher in India alcohol gets you drunk very easily here.

4. You do not need alcohol for relaxation.

5. Excitement just comes into your life on its own , once again , alcohol is not the answer.

6. The real effects of alcohol are seen after you are 40 .

by the way all this was told to us after the iron maiden concert in very chaste hindi.

It’s amazing how much travelling teaches you. Isn’t it?

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