You’ve GOT to be kidding me

Raj Thakarey got arrested and released on bail. People are getting beaten up . Buses are being burnt. Shops are being torn down . One person was killed in violence in Nashik …..and the top story for the 9 o’clock news on Headlines today is :

Imagine drum-roll here

Rakhi Savant has broken up with her boyfriend. 

So much for a responsible , dedicated media , huh?

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2 Responses to You’ve GOT to be kidding me

  1. BVHK says:

    I’d actually take the Rakhi Sawant story because –
    1. The whole RajT thing was made out to be much more than what it was, by the TV channels by playing the same clips again and again.
    2. Yes – shouldn’t have happened but the media played into RajT’s hands and by having this story on Rakhi Sawant, the channel is just showing where the priorities of the viewers lie.
    It is sad but true – people these days bother about things as long as they are ‘fresh’. As soon as there is another breaking news item, they will move on. No one is bothered about how some issue concludes or whether justice was done.

  2. rakhi savant is best item girls in bollywood

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