I’m free

I just finished my exams today. Since I’m very bored right now and don’t want to watch the half time show of Man U – Newcastle (Its 2-0 Man U at HT by the way) I figured I’d write something about exams.

My first paper was MD ie Meaningless Dribble . It was okay . I haven’t discussed the paper with anyone so have absolutely no idea about the correct answers . Thus I’ll assume that at least half of what I’ve written is correct  and move on.

The second paper was OR ie  Ordered Repugnance . The paper turned out to be ridiculously simple but I still screwed up . The part that I left came without a option for 5 marks . In my defence , it was a stupid little topic and I had left it so that I could do much more important topics (they didn’t feature at all …D’oh!)

The third paper was HT ie Horrid Tripe . The paper was very very long. Again I haven’t discussed the paper so don’t have the slightest idea how it went.

The forth paper was EC ie Eclectic Crap . Again I haven’t discussed the paper but this time I can tell you it was bad. Very bad. All the problems had some piece of info missing and the theory was nowhere to be found in my textbook. Thankfully everyone got screwed. All Hail Relative Grading.

The fifth and last paper was EDCS ie Excessive Damage to Cognition and Sanity . THis was about the most pointless exam I’ve ever written. The ‘text’ book is a xerox of totally outdated material which contains definitions like “Debt- Equity Ratio : It is the ratio of the Debt to the Equity” . The questions asked themselves ironically and thankfully have nothing to do with the ‘text’ . The entire paper is basically a test of how well one can twist language and say the stuff four times over in the same paragraph. This paper they make us write on Saturday after all the technical papers are over . The Sadistic Bastards.

But now its all over. I’m free.

Oh , By the way , some people in my college prefer to expand the acronyms as MD- Machine Design , OR – Operations Research , HT – Heat Transfer , EC – Energy Conversions and EDCS – Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills  .

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3 Responses to I’m free

  1. Abhishek says:

    You’ve committed the worst sin possible. Though I wonder if you did the knowingly. You’ve changed your RSS feed type to “short” or “curtailed” or soemthing. Please ensure that you publish full feeds!

  2. Adi says:

    I like your fullforms better. God bless those few who still believe in the old 1s!
    I know I have claimed this before and will do so again…but no exam can be worse than this 1!

  3. Megs says:

    Hehe…….one more year dude.Thats when you’ll actually be FREE!

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