Sania Mirza , a few weeks ago , declared that she would not be taking part in the Bangalore Open and wouldn’t be playing in India at all this year. Reactions ranged from shock to disapproval to surprise. What I am surprised about is how people didn’t see this coming.

Our media tends to just focus on pointless , unimportant matters and entirely ignores the major points. Every interview I’ve read of Sania Mirza has questions like “Do you have a boyfriend?” , “Are you religious?” and every report talks of her being an ‘alpha girl ‘ for Indian Tennis or about a possible future in films. Not one focuses on her game and I guess after a certain point of time a sportsman wants to be known for their game .

Even our criticism was stupid. No-one ever said “She needs to work on her speed on court” or ” Her serve is very bad” . What did we criticise her for ? Her wearing the same mini skirt that every female player in the world wears , having her feet near the national flag and most ridiculously for the statements on her T-shirts.

The amount of coverage given to the absolutely inconsequential feet-near-flag incident got was ridiculous , way too much compared to analysis of her 3rd round loss in the Australian open.

I guess with a billion people in the country there are bound to be atleast a 1000 odd who hate you for no good reason and want to make your life a living hell. These are the people who issue fatwas , allege insult to national honour and sue her for trying to shoot an ad near a masjid(i don’t see how the last one was even her fault) . Unfortunately these events get tremendous coverage and are blown up far beyond their actual worth which is about as much as well pealed mosquito wing which, Monty Python informs me , could get you anything upto 1/8th of a penny.

She should just live and train abroad in peace. Her game will also improve and the controversies will die down. And maybe, just maybe everyone will be happy. (Except for those 1000 people of course!)

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