Three shocks in one day

I haven’t been watching too much TV lately. Yesterday I put on the TV and the Reliance Life Insurance health + wealth add was showing . At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Over time my ears convinced my brain that there had been no fault on their part and the song was indeed a pathetic copy of the Bob Dylan classic ‘The times they are A’changin’.

Disgusted with this I put off the TV and put on the computer to check out the stuff Kaustubh had given me that afternoon. Little did I know that a double shock was waiting for me . There was one file called “The Rock  Theme” . I had assumed that this was the theme music for the Nicholas Cage – Sean Connery starrer “the Rock”(which I love more than the movie). As soon as I double clicked on it , I found that it was  the entry music for “the rock” ie Dwayne Johnson. D’oh!!

So put off that song immediately. There was this song called “Hi De Ho” from “The Mask” in the stuff he’d given me. From the title I had assumed it was probably the Cab Calloway classic Minnie the Moocher. I had previously heard Jim Carrey cover ‘Somebody to Love’ by Jefferson Airplane and I had loved it . So I was quite excited at the prospect of listening to his version of Minnie the Moocher . So I double clicked on “Hi De Ho” . To my delight it started with the saxophone intro to  Minnie the Moocher but my spirit was soon crushed when I heard some idiot rapping on it. I just couldn’t take it and put it off immediately. I don’t know who did the rap version but I sure hope he burns in hell* for all eternity.

* Yes, I now believe in hell. …..just so that that chap can burn in hell ,

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One Response to Three shocks in one day

  1. Kaustubh says:

    DISCLAIMER : I had nothing to do with it … Those songs have been on my hard drive for ages without me ever hearing them …

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