Why I don’t watch Hindi films….

I have noticed that when given a choice between two movies both of which i have no idea about, I would invariably choose the movie with the better name.  For example given a choice between ‘Vantage Point’ and ‘Jumper’ I would go for the former without even giving it a second thought. I feel a director who gives his movie a cool name is obviously smarter than his counterpart who came up with a ridiculous name (like ‘Jumper’) and hence his film is probably  better.In the case of hindi movies however this is rather difficult for most hindi movies have very very stupid names.  It almost seems like we have already used all the possible combinations of words which end up as a cool name and the best we can do now a days is either names of old films repeated again (Deewar, Shaheed, Devdas etc) or put in English words into the name of the film (Jab we met , Kya Kool Hai Hum, and my favourite U,me aur hum) . Now why would anyone even consider watching a movie named Jab We Met . Heck , if someone were to stick some random words up his nose and sneeze, they would come out as  better name for a movie.*

In any case I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to spending money and seeing hindi movie sin theaters because of many horrific experiences as a child (I’ve seen Dil toh Paagal Hai , Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le jayenge , Hum Apke Hai kaun , and Hum Saath Saath Hai in theaters) , so when I have to consider watching amovie in a theater and it has a name like U, Me aur Hum , can you blame me for not watching enough (as considered by my friends) hindi movies ?

*Given the trend of being ‘inspired’ by music and story-lines ,I figured I’d drop a line ‘inspired’ by Jeremy Clarkson. His original quote was (talking about the instrument display on the Porsche 911):  ” This dashboard is so pointless that if I were to stuff all these instruments up my nose and sneeze I would come up with a more logical instrument display.”

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2 Responses to Why I don’t watch Hindi films….

  1. Megs says:

    Agreed….but Jab We Met had Kareena giving her best performance till date….well its not the kinda movie you would like coz its all mushy….but I liked it

  2. Stirlingie says:

    omg.. good work, man

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