New Category – Pointless words

Now that I’m so confused with what I want to do in life , I’ve decided to give everything a shot. That means that I’ve recently started looking through material (my mom would have preferred the term ‘studying’ here) for both CAT and the GRE. This means that I come across many words of whose existence I had no clue previously(because my vocabulary sucks ). During the course of going through this material I often come across words which really piss me off for their total pointless-ness.  When I see these words and realise I have to mug them up I feel ‘ Why the <insert four letter word starting with ‘f’ ending with ‘k’ with a ‘u’ and a ‘c’ thrown in here> would anyone coin this word??’

So I’ve decide to share my frustration with you and have created this new category entirely dedicated to pointless words.

Here is the first one in the list :

 sternutation : the act of sneezing

I challenge you . Use that in a everyday conversation.

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3 Responses to New Category – Pointless words

  1. Ramanand says:

    A: *sneezes*
    me: did you know you just performed an act of sternutation?
    A: *staring* eff off, you quizzing sod!

  2. Kapeesh says:

    helpful hint : dont bother about such words. they’re never asked.

  3. avnish1711 says:

    another one for your collection.
    orrery: A clockwork model of the solar system.

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