United beat Liverpool

Everyone knows the result. Man Utd have just thrashed Liverpool 3-0 . Most Liverpool fans are bound to blame it on the referee , but really ‘Is it the referee’s fault?’  . I will try to answer that questions in a completely unbiased manner. Well maybe mostly unbiased.

Man Utd had more chances on goal , more shots , better possession  and in general were playing better. So I don’t think there is any doubt that United deserved to be in the lead through he Wes Brown header. The matter in question is the Mascherano sending off. The first tackle was a double footed lunge , he didn’t touch the ball. Didn’t really make enough contact for a normal yellow card foul but the intent was definitely there. If the tackle would have connected , Scholes would have had at least a few broken bones. I believe Steve Bennett did the right thing by giving him a yellow there.

Yes , I agree the Torres booking was unfair ,but it was total stupidity for Mascherano to go and back-chat the ref when it didn’t even concern him. A person who is on a yellow card should have enough sense to not go and antagonize the ref.  So the second yellow card was thoroughly deserved.

It did spoil the game but it had to be done. No two ways about it.

But whose fault is it really? During the course of the match you may have noticed that United players were on their best behavior. Rooney promptly apologised when he crashed into Reina ; Ferdinand didn’t argue at all when given a card for absolutely nothing really. Why? Because they were told to. Sir Alex seems to have drilled it into their heads that this ref gives cards like no-one’s business, so keep away from him. Whereas Benitez seems to have told his players to fight for every decision with the ref …right or wrong. So its really Benitez’s fault. As a manager it’s his job to tell his players how to behave in which match. In a high profile match like Man U – Liverpool , keeping your head is probably the most important thing. Liverpool lost the plot very early on and this lead to their defeat.

Getting back to actual match , one point I have to touch on is the return of Paul Scholes. He played brilliantly today. Not one miss-pass . He totally controlled the midfield from start to finish. Gerrard was nowhere to be seen . It’ll be great to watch him in action against Chelsea and Arsenal.

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One Response to United beat Liverpool

  1. Yash Marathe says:

    Man Utd were better than us and deserved to win no doubt. But the fundamental question is that should Steve Bennett have been appointed considering his reputation, the events in mid-week and the fact that he is a gloryhunting prick, in the first place?? Where are Howard Webb, Andy Mariner and Mike Dean when you need them?

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