To hell and back

Haven’t blogged for a long time. Sorry the net connection in hell is rather slow and it was a pain to blog there. So now I’m back and would like to share some of the crap they put us through in college.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains graphic details and makes you visualise horrific scenes of human suffering . The weak hearted are advised to not read on.

Last week began with our Machine Design prof telling us that half of the class (including me) would be detained due to poor attendance. If that wasn’t a shock enough , the other profs also followed suit and told us that they too would detain us. We had to write 3 submissions in one week . Not because we aren’t regular or sincere or whatever but because we simply did know what to write until last monday. We were told on Monday that our deadline for submitting our crap was tuesday. So we had to stay up and write all the stuff in one night. Then we had to write another entire journal to submit on thursday which took up the next two days. Then our MD prof tells us that he isn’t taking the lecture on friday and instead taking it on saturday. This led to several complications in the quizzing circles. I was supposed to go with Abhishek for the Tata Motors quiz. Yash M asked Abhishek if he was teamed up on Wednesday and he said he’s going with me for the quiz. Meanwhile Yasho was (at least according to him) teamed up with Salil . He then ditched Salil and Salil went with Nirad. Then Yash M and Yasho teamed up. So basically when I ditched Abishek , Salil , Yasho, Yash M were teamed up and he had to wait till the morning of the quiz to get Aniket to go with him.

This was the second quiz I missed due to pracs on Saturday. And to rub it in further ,the chap took a 4 hour prac and didn’t take attendance!

The whole of Sunday was spent in writing the whole Heat Transfer journal. The checking process on Monday once again was super frustating. I am in the 2nd batch in Mech. Avnish , who is also in the 2nd batch , got his journal checked and I was next in line. Then the chap checking the journals walked off for 10 minute break which lasted for 20 mins. Then he comes back and tells me that he wants to correct ALL the journals of the people in the 1st batch first and makes me wait for another 1 hour . Then I finally get my stuff checked and go to take the final signature from the guy who is supposedly our teacher (we haven’t seen him all semester) he walks out of his cabin refuses to stop and give me one lousy signature , hell he didnt even have to read anything he had to just sign scribble something on the first page of my journal.

Finally things started looking up on Tuesday when we were assured by th MD prof that no one would be detained this year. He also extended our submission date to friday.

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One Response to To hell and back

  1. snehadas says:

    i have my sympathies with you..

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