My reservations about Reservations

The supreme court recently ruled in favour of upholding the plan for 27% reservations for OBC s in educational institutions. I strongly disagree with the apex court on this one and firmly believe that reservations only strengthen the hold of these outmoded beliefs in Indian society and thus pull the country backwards.

Arjun Singh in an effort to appease the vote bank has gone ahead and destroyed whatever hope we had of one day actually giving merit priority over politics.

Lets face it . Most Indian colleges aren’t really that good. I would go as far as to say most of them suck.In fact the only thing that reall IS  good in the Indian educational set up is elite institutions like the IITs and IIMs. With the reservation ruling , the number of good students who really deserve to be there will reduce . The Govt. argues that they will increase the intake of these institutions to keep the meritorious number constant. But won’t this put a tremendous strain on the infrastructural facilities?

Now most of us aren’t good enough to get into the IITs. I tried my luck , got past the screening but didn’t make it through the MAINS. Thats because I’m simply not that good. Now imagine when they put in a 1000 students who don’t deserve to be there, who are simply not good enough to be there in an elite institution. Will they be able to cope up . You can’t ignore 1000 students after all. Won’t the standards of education drop in IIT? Won’t the syllabus be made easier so  to not have all these people failing and thereby screwing the govt.’s credibility ?

So finally , who loses? It’s the taxpayers who will spend all that extra money to educate people not as good as their kids .

Screwing your country for a few votes? Sheesh!

I would also like to point out to you  one of my all time favourite blog posts. This post by Kunal pretty much sums up what I feel about Arjun Singh right now.

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