Pune Mirror

Pune Mirror , the latest offering from ToI has been quite an entertaining read. They actually have separate sections for different sports. While I quite like the fact that they try to cover football , I’m really pissed off with their inaccuracy in reporting . For example they printed an article about ‘Greatest fat players’ in which they referred to the legendary Bill Foulkes as a Chelsea player. I take that as a personal affront. To call a Man Utd legend who played all his life for United (he made 566 league appearances) a Chelsea player….pure blasphemy.

Their transfer section is outright hilarious.They seem to have to picked the most ridiculous transfer gossip from the f***ing British tabloids and printed them.

The official statement from Frank Rijkaard was that he will definitely not be selling Henry as he has been very imortant to the squad. Mirror said “Henry has been put on the ‘for sale ‘ list which has alerted clubs like Everton , West Ham and Man City” . With all due respect , Man City and Everton for Henry? Really?

Then there was all the incorrect photos of players being transferred next to the relevant articles.

Today’s section was particularly brilliant. “Ronaldinho was offered to Man City in January” Clearly someone really likes Man City

Another thing . Though the poll was probably not their fault, Ronaldo was placed No1 on the list of greatest fat players and Ferenc Puskas was at No 5 . Puskas behind Ronaldo?? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

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