And tonight’s top story…

I’ve got exams tomorrow and I really shouldn’t be here. But i just have to do this.

Just a few minutes ago I happened to switch on the TV to check the news. Guess what Headlines Today has as their top story for the 10 o’clock news….

Big Show and the great Khali set to fight each other.

The news bar at the bottom of the screen informs me that they are the two biggest fighters in the WWE and have never fought each other before.

This is so much more important than Silvio Burlusconi’s win in the Italian general elections or the surge of violence that has killed 28 people in Iraq in the last 24 hours or the Israeli army’s incursion into the Gaza strip …no?

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One Response to And tonight’s top story…

  1. weena says:

    you forgot about the most important news:

    Motley Crue is taking a page from the Ozzy Osbourne playbook by launching its own touring hard-rock festival, the band said on Tuesday.

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