A reluctant response

I wasn’t planning on doing this but Avnish has put pressure on me to respond to Abhishek’s attack on our attack on pointless words. Avnish has made some pretty good points . Abhishek  particularly has taken to heart the posts and JR too has expressed his less pissed off  views on the subject.
I couldn’t really make out how I had offended Computational Linguists because I don’t have the slightest idea what they are. The rest of this post is written asuming its some hi-funda tech joke that I, a ‘technophobic mech guy’ , have no hope of getting.

Getting back to words. I do not hate words nor do I feel that new words shouldn’t be made. I hate being made to learn these words , especially those I will probably never use in my life , for I feel that it is a waste of (my very limited) memory. I would much rather know that a dog ran onto the pitch and urinated on Jimmy Greaves’s shirt in the Quarter final of the 1962 World Cup than know what ‘amanuensis’ means.

So maybe its my hatred of mugging or maybe I’m just not that attached to language in general as you are. For me Language is just a mode of communication. As long as the chap I’m talking to gets what I’m saying , I’m happy. It doesn’t hurt me if people don’t compliment my vocab or command over the language.

Sheesh ! Chelsea is playing Everton and here I am talking about words! How lame is that?

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4 Responses to A reluctant response

  1. Ramanand says:

    This is indeed a little tsunami in a cutting glass and Moley confused as Mt. Kanchenga 🙂
    I was just having fun and Avnish need not worry about sparring (hopefully only verbally! :-))

    As for me, I like to know about both language and the ‘pissed-off’ (more pissed off than me? :-)) dog. If they can arrange for it in IPL!

    As for computational linguists: no one seems to know who they are. Rumour has it that Keyser Soze was one too 😉

  2. Ramanand says:

    yes, yes, it’s *Kanchenjunga*.

  3. Aniket says:

    I have been following this for quite a while and I must say that I totally agree with Gadre on this one. It is a pain learning all those words when you know that you are never going to use them. Which is precisely the reason why I’m not writing the GRE..

  4. Abhishek says:

    Should it not be “clicking the gre” ?

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