How do you spell ‘Sachin’?


Though now I am a bigger football fan than a cricket fan , at some time in the past I was a huge cricket freak. And that was entirely because of Sachin. The first time I watched cricket was the 1996 World Cup (yeah ,i know , i started late) where Sachin was phenomenal.

My best memory of Sachin is the first ball of the 21st over at the semi final in Sharjah on this very day 10 years ago. Shane Warne coming around the wicket . Sachin just steps out and Warney’s first ball is into the stands.Straight down the ground for six.  As Tony Grieg once said ” That’s his way of saying Hello Mr .______ , I’m Sachin Tendulkar. Pleased to meet you”

Even now , I watch India matches depending on whether Sachin plays or not. I get depressed by the thought of Sachin retiring. For I’ve always been a Sachin fan , as long as I’ve been watching cricket. I don’t know what sort of depression I’m going to go into when Sachin actually retires. I hate the 24th of April. Every year it comes and makes Sachin a year older , a year closer to retirement.  And today GOD turns 35. How many more years could he have ?  Sheesh , I’m depressed now.

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One Response to How do you spell ‘Sachin’?

  1. nimish says:

    hehe…thats a first!
    And here i was thinkin the only sporting team u ever knew was Manchester United!

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