Mumbai gets thrashed

While it could be argued that the Mumbai Indians lost their match against the Deccan Chargers so badly because of the absence of Sachin Tendulkar , I feel this is just a small part of the real reason for this embarrassing loss.

The real reason was the cheerleaders. They’ve gone in for local ‘talent’ and come up with total idiots who don’t even look good ! There were guys in the cheer-leading squad. I agree that the Mumbai Indians must have a few gay fans but having two guys out of four cheerleaders is the sort of minority appeasement that I really must oppose. Even the girls sucked. Co-ordination was non-existent , and when I say that I don’t even mean with each other. Every individual cheerleader’s two hands were also not co-ordinated.

Their horrible show did nothing but depress the crowd and made all of us cheer for the Chargers whose cheerleaders were actually graceful and better to watch inspite of  being all covered up (Don’t you just love the Shiv Sena?). The mumbai cheerleaders also pissed off the Chargers and made Gilly hit the ball even harder , often aiming for them .( He missed them by just a few inches on one occasion. )

It would do Mr Ambani a world of good by getting some good cheerleaders since he has scrounged so heavily on the player auctions and built such a crap team.

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5 Responses to Mumbai gets thrashed

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  2. avnish1711 says:

    brilliant…However, some terms were obviously same in our description…

  3. kapeeshsaraf says:

    Scrounged?…mumbai is the most expensive team in the IPL…

  4. Aditya says:

    Thats because they have Sachin who cost 1.6 mil $ as compared to other icons who cost less(other than dhoni, i think)
    Ambani hasn’t spent money in getting the foreign players or real Indian talent. There are too many local kids in the team who are just not that good.

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