My first sporting event

This last sunday I went to see the match between the Mumbai Indians and the Deccan Chargers. I figure I should write something about the experience itself since I’ve already written about more important details of the trip .

As some of you might have figured out from one of my recent posts , I worship Sachin Tendulkar. So my basic criterion was to see Sachin. If Sachin had played I would have supported Mumbai unconditionally till the end. But since he didn’t play , I turned to plan B ie ‘Support the Batting Side’ . This was quite a good decision as the match seemed a lot more interesting this way. Mumbai’s innings though quite bad was fun since everyone was cheering on their team.

Deccan’s innings was super fun for me because of the brilliance of Adam Gilchrist. So basically I was cheering for a team for the entire duration of the match and it was awesome fun. Hope to do this again someday.

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