Amreeka Diary 1

Now I’ll write a much more , well …awake post about my america trip.

Firstly I’d like to just make alit of all the good and bad stuff about this trip.

Good Stuff:

1. I met my two aunts and 5 cousins.

2. The internet here is quite fast and that makes youtube a lot more fun.

3. I’ll be seeing my two other first cousins and my aunt in about two weeks.

4. By the time I’m done here , I’ll have seen Atlata, San Diego , LA , San Francisco , Denver and a few more cities.

5. Most importantly I’ll be seeing Rush in concert . That too at Red Rocks!

Though it sucks that ….

..I’ll be missing most of the IPL.

..I’ll be missing the last game of the Epl season.

…I’ll be missing the FA cup final.

….I’ll be missing loads of BC Sessions and also Mahaquizer.


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