Landed in Amreeka

Its 8pm here. My body still thinks it’s 5m and is rather pissed with me for denying it sleep for so long and being up and writing this post at this ridiculous hour. But waaat to do?

The flight here was quite good. The food was stone cold but it tasted quite good. I learnt that I like Bombay Airport more than JFK Intl at NY. Its smaller , more organised and the people there are more friendly and helpful.

Atlanta airport is really nice. It’s huge for one and the people are actually glad to tell you where to go for what. It also has this small metro system to g from one concourse to the other.I’ll write a detailed pst about my trip to the US later, when I’m more awake.

I haven’t slept for just 5 hours in the last 40, so forgive any spellng mistkes , grammatical the  errors, mis punctuations , incorrectly placed apostrophe’s and general illogical of thoughts flow  in the post.

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