Things I’ve learnt here 1

Travelling always teaches you new things. So in my jet laggged two days here I’m already learning more about the world.

Due to the ridiculously large number of brands available here , americans tend to go a bit overboard with innovative advertising i.e. bullshitting. For exampe , nothing seems to plain here. everything is either ‘enriched’ or ‘ premium’ . 

The funniest case of this is with bottled water. There are bottles with ‘condensed vapour with ingrained electrolytes’ . There’s also ‘pre induced reversed osmosis’ water. Makes our ‘300% oxygen’ Qxyrich water look so un-desperate doesn’t it?

Also ‘authentic chai’ contains havaiian cane sugar and hydrogenated canola oil. 

Tom Selleck is not just the guy who acted in ‘3 men and a baby’ and appeared on Friends. DVDs of his other stuff are on sale here. Really.

A measly 28 deg Centigrade (82F) is considered ‘hot’ here. It was 42 deg C (108F) in Pune when we left!

The New York Times book of essential knowledge says about indian films: Satyajit Ray won an Oscar. Mrinal Sen was a marxist and made all these horrible anti capitalist films about poor people. Mira NAir now lives in the US. Deepa Mehta lives in Canada. Shakar (their spelling mistake , not mine) Kapur lives in UK.   


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