Amreeka Diary 2

I’m staying in Duluth , a suburb of Atlanta shuttling between the houses of my two aunts who live about 200 mts away from other. I guess I haven’t really experienced american life yet since they are all Indians who live here. So they still have dal-roti once in  a while , listen to hindi movie film songs very often , subscribe to indian channels which means I get to watch the IPl (Ganguly was awesome today. When he plays is the only time I don’t mind the Knight Riders winning) and I’m glad for it. The total transition from Indian Lifestyle to American lifestyle would be quite a shock. 

For one the weather here is so different.I had a horrible cold due to which I’ve been quite miserable for the last two days . Felt a bit better today. Went to my first american mall …and discovered rather quickly that american malls are as boring as Indian malls. The only good thing is that they have more variety of food on offer. Luckily we went to University of Georgia to watch the regional finals of the College Tennis championships. They were good fun to watch. Since this place is kinda in the bible belt , some things strike me as freaky. Like the cheering for the tennis team had nothing to do with the team itself… It was all ‘The lord loves Georgia’ and stuff like that. There is a bible school every 500 metres here. There is also a bible channel which is basically people going crazy and singing praises of the Intelligent Design  theory (does it even qualify as a legit theory anymore?) .

Looking forward to having some fun this week. I’ll probably try to catch some of Atlanta’s Jazz and blues scene.

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One Response to Amreeka Diary 2

  1. Ramanand says:

    Been following your trip via your posts 🙂
    You want to be (an atlanta) brave and look up one George Thomas in Atlanta?

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