Amreeka Diary 3

OK, looks like my timing to come her couldn’t have been worse. I’m missing a lot of great acts by just a few days here and there. Dave Matthews band , Eric Clapton , ZZ Top , Buddy Guy, Mark Knopfler to name a few. To make things worse the quiz club at GA tech doesn’t have another session for quite some time now due to the hols going on.  This means I’ll be starved of quizzing for even longer. I’ll also be missing mahaquizzer this year. 

Well anyway, getting back to stuff happening here: I’m getting kinda bored to be very honest, There isn’t much to do here. Its so friggin lonely! There’s no one on the road. In the whole day I see about 20 people and 6 of them are my family. Sharp contrast with India where a random look in any direction would show more people.

Went to my 12 year old cousin’s school orchestra’s concert yesterday. It was quite good . They have different elementary , middle  and high schools here. He’s in middle school. His section played some pretty cool stuff. Thye also played the theme from Schindlers list . My favourite part of the concert was the cover of smoke on the water (though the chap o the electric violin screwed up his solo entirely). 

Also went got my first american cup of coffee. While I must tell everyone how badly american tea sucks , the coffee is distinctly better than the stuff we get in coffee day and barista and stuff. But then its 3 dollars and paying 120 rs for a cup of coffee …well…hurts me.


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5 Responses to Amreeka Diary 3

  1. Megs says:

    c’mon it cant be boring….go biking or fishing or something..

  2. Abhishek says:

    dude! You’re so totally sad. You should be roaming around all day on the train or something. Not crying about missing stupid quizzing. We quiz because we have nothing better to do. Agreed that Atlanta is probably sad, but still – I’m sure there are a ton of places you could backpack to for the day. If you stay at home and stare at the same street, no wonder you’re going to get bored.

  3. weena says:

    abhishek, that is way harsh. he is after all in duluth, georgia, not new york city. . .

  4. Yash says:

    Isnt Duluth a suburb of Atlanta..
    I thought Atlanta had a lot of places to see.
    There is my personal fav THE COCA COLA museum.

  5. Aditya says:

    Abhishek: Everything around here is a 3km distance. If you’re dying and need medicine , its 3 km away ; if you need food , its 3 km away. So basically , there isn’t much to do here (other than walk , and anyone who knows me knows that aint gonna happen)

    Yasho: Unlike you, I’m not addicted to black liquids. So watching a huge stock of coke is not that exciting.

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