Two movies and a book

Totally forgot to do this earlier. I watched two movies on the plane from Mumbai to here. And read a book today. Some thoughts on all three….

Sweeney Todd

The movie is brilliant. I loved it. Johnny Depp amazes me more and more with each film. Everything is awesome. The  art direction was  brilliant as is the case with any Tim Burton film. The music was also very good. 

Bee movie

It wasn’t all that great. It wasn’t bad , but it wasn’t as good as I expected. But then Jerry Seinfeld’s return to show biz is bound to get expectations up to a level which cannot be reached , i guess. It’s a nice movie to watch  when bored or sleepy or both.  Some parts are quite funny but the story is kinda stupid . 

and the book…

The big four

The fist Christie I’ve read in a long time. It’s brilliant like all the others. It’s a little weird and very different from other typical Christie books in that its not really a mystery to sole. More like a chess game where Poirot and “the big four” are trying to outdo each other with each move. A must read for all Christie fans . 

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