Go Figure

Check out football 365’s list of important figures of the season.

Some of my favourites:

0 – League games in which ManYoo and Arsenal conceded more than two goals. 

1 – Win managed this season by Derby. Shame on you Newcastle.

3 – Games in which ManYoo failed to score (v Reading, Man City and Bolton).

4 – Premier League goals scored by Derby’s top scorer Kenny Miller.

9 – Number of games won 1-0 by Chelsea.

18 – Players who have started Premier League games for Aston Villa.


19 – Goal assists attributed to Cesc Fabregas by the Premier League website.

21 – Points gained by Arsenal from losing positions.

57 – League goals scored by Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo this season from a ManYoo total of 80. That’s more goals than fifth-placed Everton.

71 – Goals scored by Aston Villa, making them more potent than either Liverpool or Chelsea.

85 – Yellow cards picked up by Middlesbrough in 38 games.


93 – Fouls committed by Aston Villa’s John Carew, who beat Kevin Davies into second place of that particular table.


777 – Number of minutes between Derby goals on September 29 and December 8.

3420 – Minutes played by Birmingham’s Stephen Kelly to make him the only truly ever-present outfield player in the Premier League.


And some from the comments section:

8 – goals Middlesbrough unbelieveably stuffed into Man City.

15 – the amount of goals Manchester United scored in 3 games against Newcastle.

0 – The amount of games with Liverpool playing in worth watching.

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