Amreeka Diary 5

Now in San Diego with my sister . The weather is way better than in Atlanta. Also the houses all look diffrent .

Nothing much happened here in the last day or so (or I didn’t reaslise what all happened …I’ve been very sleepy.) The flight was quite fun though.

I kinda pissed off an air hostess by laughing at her. Ths guy (an african american) asked her  IN ENGLISH if he could exchnge his seat and sit with his wife (who was sitting 5 rows away) and her response was ” Sir , do  you speak and Understand english ?”. Can you blame me for laughing?   

Its a good thing there were other air hostesses  there.

Also the flight was fun since they had a  inflight trivia game . It was okay. The questions sucked but they were questions! And it’s always fun when your winning 🙂

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One Response to Amreeka Diary 5

  1. BVHK says:

    Yes – its always fun when you are winning – whether it takes someone to slip or it takes the post! 🙂

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