Amreeka Diary 6

So my stay in  San Diego was awesome. Had loads of fun . Saw the zoo and the wild animal park , had my first cup of tea-that-does-not-suck in amerika (though it was , like all american hot bevarages,  served cold ) , played the guitar after ages , learnt 3 chords on the mandolin (Ami , G and F ….so basically now I can play ‘all along the watchtower ‘ on the mandolin! whohoo!) Man Utd won. Hung out with my sister’s friends (they’re all crazy , so it was a blast …very entertaining) It wasn’t very weird for me since I do have friends of their age but the guys I know  are very mature people like these two . So it was a different experience.  

Now we’re in LA. I got real tea . NOT the bagged , cold  crap you get here. Proper boil-water-and-put-in-tea-leaves tea. I feel so good now.

On the drive ,  I saw ‘the world famous San Fernando valley!’ .

 Yesterday we went to the Getty museum . It was way more fun than going to the museum in San Diego which had all Indian paintings .

The Getty collection is awesome. Van Gogh’s Irises was probably the most expensive painting I saw. The highlight for me was seeing three paintings by Claude Monet: Bridge over the Water Lillies , Sunrise(which started the Impressionist movement) and another one whose name I’ve forgotten. They were awesome. Impressionism looks way better in real life than on wikipedia. 

I really loved  the paintings byVernet .The detail in them is amazing.  I also learnt that Cuyp , Hobbema and Pissarro are all super brilliant and I would love to buy some of their stuff sometime (I guess I won’t be able to afford Monet unless I invent a perpetual motion machine or something )

Oh , actually another highlight was seeing paintings by Rembrandt . They were awesome. The detail in them is crazy. It’s even more than Vernet.

Today we went to Malibu beach. It was really beautiful . Kinda deserted (which apparently is weird out here considering Memorial Day Weekend is sorta a big deal here) . We did some hardcore tourist-giri and took pics on the lifeguard tower and all. The lifeguard was , well , very bored , and was more than willing to let us do it. The rest of the day was spent in socialising (something I , to put it very nicely , totally suck at).

We’ll probably visit the Griffith Observatory tomorrow. Off for now. 

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2 Responses to Amreeka Diary 6

  1. yasho says:

    First of all….
    you lucky !@#$%%*…Those paintings must have been an awesome experience.
    2- Was it a male lifeguard…or a baywatch wannabe?

  2. Abhishek says:

    and so finally it takes you 5 posts and an awesome sister to teach you to have fun 😉 Anyway, keep it comin’ and yeah, echo comments from Yasho about you being lucky with getting to see Monet. (I still dont care about the others ;P )

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