Amreeka Diary 7

It’s been a long time. This one may be little longer than normal.

So after the Getty , we went to the Reagan Presidential Library . It was quite cool. Especially seeing Air Force One (the one used by Reagan ) from the inside.

The next day we went to the Griffith Observatory. It was really cool. I finally saw how Foucoult’s pendulum works. They had some really cool images and videos of the sun . The planetarium was also good. Some really cool visual effects. The view of LA from Griffith is awesome. It was a really clear day and we could see everything all the way to the ocean.

Then we left and came to Oakland on Wednesday. On Thursday we saw a baseball game (the Oakland A’s v/s the Toronto Blue jays). It was very very boring. It’s hard to think something that lasts just 3 hours could be that boring. People here just don’t understand the beauty of test match cricket.

We visited Berkeley on Friday and saw the University. It seems like a realy cool place to study. Saturday was spent  visiting other cousins . I got Indian food . That was nice for a bit of a change.

Today we went to chinatown to eat dimsum . They were delicious. Dinner was at a pub. They played football matches on the TV . So i got to see england’s goals against T&T and Holland’s goals against Wales. We were there for long enough for me to watch an entire match . Riverplate v/s Colon . River won 2-1.


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2 Responses to Amreeka Diary 7

  1. Abhishek says:

    two observations. This does not really sound like you. Unless you were wearing your monosyllabic writing cap or something while writing this.

    And as for Foucault’s pendulum, you can see it in all its glory at IUCAA. Like 5kms from your place. D’uh!

  2. Aditya says:

    as for your second observation : i never said I didn’t have the chance to see it before. I just hadn’t seen it before.

    and i didn’t really get the first observation. kindly elaborate.

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