Amreeka diary 8

On monday we went ..(people who know me well should probably brace themselves at this point )…hiking . We went to the Redwood Forests to mainly see the Sequioa trees which are the tallest living creatures in the world. They had all these trails to offer. We chose the ‘Ocean View’ trail. It took us all the way upto the highway. The view of the ocean as well of the entire forest was breathtaking. We then came down and went on another hillside trail . It was quite interesting.

Then we had lunch …uh.. actually breakfast at 4pm on a roadside diner literally next to the water. Then we went up the hills in Marin to get a good view of the Golden Gate bridge. It is really awesome. We could see Alcatraz in the background which was kinda cool. Two world famous monuments in the same frame.

Since we exerted so much on monday , we just slept in today. I got up at quarter to one o’clock in the afternoon. We then saw ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ which I thought was a good , funny film. There were only 8 people in the theater (including us)! How the hell do these films make money ?

We had some really good mexican food for dinner and now we’re at home. So for now :  That’s all , folks!  

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