Amreeka Diary 10

My one day in Atlanta before we left for Orlando was spent in telling everyone about my awesome California trip and packing for the Orlando trip.

I’ll cut through all the boring bits and get straight to my time in Orlando. We were there for three days.

On the first day , we went to the Epcot centre. There we went on quite a few simulation rides . Most of them them were quite good. I particularly enjoyed the Automobile testing ride and the Space launch simulation. They have these World pavilions at the Epcot , and we went through most of the countries. It was very realistic and very well designed.  My favourite part of the epcot centre was the Fireworks at the end . They were simply mindblowing. I have never seen such an amazing fireworks display.

Since we were all dead tired , we decided to do something light-weight the next day. We went to the Kennedy Space Centre  (which is about 1/50th the size of Epcot and involves less walking)  and took the bus tour. Sadly we missed the Discovery landing. The day was spent indulging in primarily geeky pursuits and eating salted pretzels.

We aad saved the best for the last day and went to see Universal Studious and Islands of Adventure on our last day. we first went to Islands of adventure. I went on a rollercoaster ride called The Hulk . It wasn’t scary at all. I felt looking at the ride was more scary than actually going on it. Also I was really pissed with having to wait 40 minutes for the ride when the actual ride lasted just about 3 minutes.  We also went on a simulated ride about Spiderman , a water ride about Popeye . Then we had lunch and went to Universal studios. There I missed two concerts due to the rain . D’oh! But then we went for a ‘disaster movie’ themed ride . It was really funny.  The highlight of the day was the newly opened Simpsons Ride . It was awesome. It was very well done and funny at the same time.

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