Amreeka Diary 9

There are a lot of ‘for the first time’ s in this post .

The next day I had greek food for the first time. It was really good. That night i tried my first martini. The next day we left for denver to see Rush in concert at Red Rocks. But it apparently rained very heavily the night before due to which the gig was canceled. I spent most of the day sulking. What sucked the most was the fact that it was a beautiful night …ideal for a concert. We had a flight going back to san Francisco the next afternoon , so the morning was spent in driving through the rockies. It was very beautiful . I also saw snow for the first time. That was kinda cool (Pun not intended).

We spent friday in San Francisco and had dinner in an Italian restaturant. The next morning we went to Fisherman’s wharf (IIRC) and had a great breakfast. Then we drove back to LA. Spent the night in LA and left the enxt day for San Diego. Spent Sunday in San Diego and left from there on Monday morning to come back to Atlanta.

So in the past 20 days I saw San Diego , Escondido , LA , Malibu , Sacramento , Oakland , Berkeley , San Francisco , Sunnyvale , Marin , Sausalito , Denver and the Rockies. I saw in 20 days what most americans living here their entire lives haven’t seen. It was , to say the least , a memorable trip.

I feel so lucky to have such awesome sisters , aunt and uncle who made this trip possible. I don’t think anyone else could have shown me a better time in California.

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