My take on Ronaldo

So now Ronaldo has practically stated he would like to leave Man Utd. A few thoughts:

1. Man Utd has made Ronaldo what he is , NOT the other way around. Man Utd stood by him and kicked out their best striker in years to keep Ronaldo. Man Utd stood by him when the rest of England booed his every touch on the ball. Man Utd gave him his superstardom  and honed his talent. And now he wants to leave. 

2. Another point I’d like to bring out . Quoting from Ronaldo’s recent interview: “For me it is a great opportunity and, as Scolari says, that train passes by only once and we have to take advantage of it”. In case people haven’t noticed , Scolari is now the coach of Chelsea. It’s sad  Ronaldo is so stupid that he   can’t see the obvious motives of Scolari to drive him out of Man Utd . 

3. In case Ronaldo refuses to play for United , I feel we should either make him rot ( I wouldn’t feel bad about loosing the talent of Ronaldo forever) or make a great deal with Madrid. However big an asshole he might be for wanting to leave United , the fact remains that he is great player and Madrid will definately be a tough team to beat with him in their current squad. Man Utd beibng the richest club in the world does not really need the 75mil pounds , we need players worth 75 mil pounds. I would say ask for Madrid’s best players who could replace the United old guard. My offer to Madrid would be Casillas , Sneijder/Robben and Ramos for Ronaldo.

4. One last slightly unrelated point. What Real are doing right now is tapping up a player in the middle of his contract. What Man Utd did with Hargreaves was make bids , which were repeatedly rejected. It is not the same thing. So all you people out there saying “What goes around , comes around” should just stuff it!

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One Response to My take on Ronaldo

  1. Kaustubh says:

    You know what I think … After this talk of ‘will he ? won’t he?’ I think its better that he leave instead of him staying on and playing a half-hearted game. and GBP 80 million is a lot for ferguson to spend in buying people like berbatov, and like u mentioned sneijder or robben…

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